Social Research in USA

After the Second World War, America had already been the super power in the world. Diversity and Individuality, Democracy and Equality, Adventurous and Creative, American society has all above qualities. As Sino-US relationship is getting closer and closer, it is getting more and more important to have a comprehensive insight for American Society. SRA program which is Social Research in America is aimed to answer all of the questions and have a better understanding about the US, covering 6 topics ranging from Higher Education in the US, Healthcare and Social Security, Social Welfare Organization, Public Service Departments, Chinese American’s living status and American business environment and culture.
Though 21 days Social Research in America, based on the above 6 topics, participants and accompany teacher and our overseas coordinators would together compete this social research journey.
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After 21 days social research in the US, when participants go back to their university, the accompany teacher would together with all the participants compete the research report. And then, based on the research reports, the participants would get 2 certificates, one is from our American counterpart and another is from the university
A. Sino-US Higher Education Comparison
B. Sino-US Healthcare and Social Security Comparison
C. Sino-US Volunteerism & Social Welfare Organization Comparison
D. Sino-US Public Service Dept Comparison
E. Chinese American’s Living Status in the US
F. American Business Environment and Culture